Beds Collections

Our divan collections comprise of different specifications and price points, offering different benefits and matching diverse budgets, plus adjustable beds, and our divan base collection with plenty of strorage and fabric options. Each divan comes in a good range of sizes and most offer an impressive array of storage options.

Pocket Air Collection

All beds in this luxury collection feature FR chemical-free fabric to the mattress, for a ‘pure’ yet safe sleeping experience. A big hit for those looking for beds that take green credentials seriously. Our Pocket Air collection has an ingenious system; standard pocket springs are alternated with shorter ones. As the sleeper’s weight presses down, the contraction of the shorter springs allows the volume of air to increase. It makes for a luxurious, flexible feel balanced somewhere very comfy between soft and supportive – two sleepers of different builds will find Pocket Air especially attractive.

Hand Crafted Collection

This collection features a true hand-side stitch mattress border and hand tufting, making it a true Hand-Crafted collection. The top layers are all natural and include wool, cashmere and silk. Pocket springs are used throughout the collection for the most favoured method of support.

Royal Pillowtop Collection

A majestic collection of high-end beds, with the pillowtops that are so popular among those who like their comfort upscale. Choose from beds with high spring counts in the pillowtop itself for soft support like you’ve never experienced before, or elegant beds with smart box tops for squared-off neatness. Spring systems now include our renowned Pocket Air as well as traditional pocket spring, and fillings encompass memory foam and latex. With top quality finishing, and up to 4,000 pocket springs in the main mattress alone, the Royal Pillowtop collection is our crowning glory.

Anniversary Collection

Our Anniversary collection, launched in 2018 to mark 30 years in business, epitomises the ultimate in bed desirability. These beds feature foam-encapsulated springs and sport cushion tops with mini springs. Both contain natural luxury fillings.

Well Being Collection

Beds with healthy stories! Our beautiful Well Being beds feature covers with health-promoting properties, quality fillings and pocket springs. Models feature our 3,000 Pocket Air spring, aloe vera and the natural properties of silver.

Traditional Collection

Exclusively pocket spring beds with superb finishing and quality fillings. Luxury through and through.

Defined Edge Support Collection

Foam-encapsulated beds have established themselves with the consumer as the bed that’s extra special. The defined edge provides the mattress with a more supportive feel than springs right to the edge, with far less likelihood of tipping out and a nice firm edge for stability. Our Defined Edge Support collection features foam-encapsulated springs and fabulous fillings and covers. To sleep in one of these beautifully finished beds is not only reassuring, it’s also very comfortable.

Sleepzone® Collection

Our legendary spring system, with almost twice as many springs as bonnell and so twice the support and comfort. A wide selection of lovely beds

Ortho Collection

Firm support with 12.5 gauge bonnell springs and firmer fillings. A fine choice of beds for those who like a less yielding feel.

Comfort Collection

An attractive range of beds for those with budget in mind.

Adjustable Collection

Fabulous adjustable beds offering plenty of choice in mattress and base. Our adjustable systems are an option to a number of bedframes in our Bedroom collection too.

Contract Collection

Designed and produced to the exacting specifications of the contract industry.

Divan Bases

A selection of upholstered divan bases, choose from Ridley or Artisan. Offered with three styles of foot and in multiple storage options. Simply add your mattress of choice.