Ethical Policy

Business Ethical, Labour Policies & Procedures

This Policy applies to all own premises and in particular to all staff that have a managerial or supervisory responsibility for employees.

All business partners, including suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and labour providers are also required to adhere to the standards set out in this Policy.

The requirements in this Policy constitute minimum and not maximum standards and should not be used to prevent the exceeding of these standards. Where the provisions of law and this Policy address the same issues, we and our business partners must apply whichever provision affords the greater protection.

Eligibility to work

SD will employ people with the correct documents to prove the right to work in the UK.

SD will only employ people who apply in person for a job. SD will not use 3rd parties or employment agents whether based in the UK or not.

SD will ensure all monies earned by an employee are paid directly to their own bank account.

  • Prior to the commencement of employment:
    1. Complete Home Office Right to Work Checklist.
    2. ID documents verified by NSL.
    3. Log expiry dates of rights to remain / rights to work and diarise follow-up prior to expiry dates.
    4. Proof of address verification.
    5. Proof of bank account verification.
    6. Proof of National Insurance No
    7. NI number verified electronically on 1st RTI submission (submitted weekly to HMRC). HMRC will notify of rejection and rejection reasons.
    8. Check multiple employees don’t have the same addresses and contact numbers
    9. Imposter switching – due to employees working in small teams under the same supervisor, SD feels imposter switching is extremely unlikely.

National Minimum Wage

SD will only pay employees at least the National Minimum wage and does not pay different rates of the National Minimum based upon age.

No deductions are made for disciplinary reasons.

  • Production staff are paid the greater of either a piece work productivity bonus based upon National Living Wage or where this bonus is not achieved National Minimum wage based upon the hours worked.
  • This is identified as “make up” pay and is calculated on a weekly basis.
  • There is a check built into the calculation to ensure a minimum of National Minimum wage is achieved.
  • The Financial Controller checks this is implemented on a weekly basis.
  • As no accommodation is provided, there are no deductions made.

Ethical Trading Policy

Summary Statement

Sweet Dreams (Nelson) believes in doing business with strong ethical principles.  Sweet Dreams is therefore committed to implementing the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. Sweet Dreams endeavours to trade according to the following Ethical Trading Criteria:

  • All employment is freely chosen.
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
  • Child labour shall not be used.
  • Living wages are paid.
  • Working hours are not excessive.
  • No discrimination is practised.
  • Regular employment is provided for those who are employed on a permanent contract.
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.
  • No bribery, corruption, blackmailing or bullying is permitted.
  • Suppliers and buyers are free to sell and buy from any number of businesses. No restrictions to guarantee business is allowed.

Our Ethical Trading Policy is given to our suppliers, and we ask all our suppliers to confirm their adherence in writing to ensure that their businesses are built on these policies.

Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd full Ethical Trading Policy can be read below:

  1. Employment is Freely Chosen
    • There is no forced, bonded or involuntary labour is used.
    • Staff are not required to lodge deposits or identity papers with Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd.
    • Staff are free to leave Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd after reasonable notice.
  1. Freedom of Association and The Right to Collective Bargaining are Respected
    • Staff, without distinction, have the right to join or form trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively.
    • Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd operates an open attitude towards the activities of trade unions and their organisational activities.
    • Staff representatives are not discriminated against and have access to carry out their respective functions in the workplace.
  1. Working Conditions are Safe and Hygienic
    • A safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided. Adequate steps shall be taken to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, associated with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimising, so far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment.
    • Health and Safety training is provided regularly and is recorded against such staff. The training is repeated for new staff members and or reassigned staff.
    • Access to clean toilet facilities and the provision of potable water, and sanitary facilities for food storage is also provided.
    • Health and Safety responsibility has been assigned to a senior management representative.
  1. Environment Requirement
    • Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd wishes to share its commitment to the environment with suppliers whose practices conform to applicable environmental standards.
  1. Child Labour Shall Not be Used
    • There shall be no recruitment of child labour.
    • Children or persons under 16 are not employed at any time, day or night.
    • Children or persons under 18 are not employed full-time.
  1. Living Wages are Paid and Working Hours
    • Staff wages and benefits paid for a standard working week meet, at a minimum, national legal standards.
    • All staff are provided with written terms and conditions of employment that details the employment relationship between, and the respective obligations of, the employee and employer, rates of pay, working hours, grievance and disciplinary procedures, holiday entitlement, absence and sick pay rules and notice periods for termination of employment.
    • Staff are not forced to work in excess of 48 hours per week, a voluntary opt-out agreement is available for those wishing to work in excess of 48 hours per week.
    • Overtime is on a voluntary basis and shall not be demanded on a regular basis.
    • No deductions are made from wages as a disciplinary measure and pay slips detailing lawful deductions are provided for each pay period.
  1. No Discrimination is Practised
    • There is no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, nationality, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.
    • Opportunities for personal and career development are equally available to all employees.
  1. Regular Employment is Provided
    • Regular employment is provided for those who are employed on a permanent contract
    • Labour-only contracting, sub-contracting and fixed term contracts are not used as a means to avoid obligations under labour and social security laws.
  1. No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment is Allowed
    • Physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited and grounds for summary dismissal, if proved.
  1. No Bribery or Corruption will be Tolerated
    • The offering, paying, soliciting, or accepting of bribes or kickbacks, including facilitation payments, is strictly prohibited. A bribe may involve giving or offering any form of gift, consideration, reward or advantage to someone in business or government in order to obtain or retain a commercial advantage or to induce or reward the recipient for acting improperly or where it would be improper for the recipient to accept the benefit.  Bribery can also take place where the offer or giving of a bribe is made through third party, e.g. an agent, representative or intermediary.

Some examples of bribes are as follows; this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Gifts, or travel expenses
  • The uncompensated use of company services, facilities or property
  • Cash payments
  • Loans, loan guarantees or other credit
  • The provision of a benefit, such as an educational scholarship or healthcare, to a member of the family of a potential customer/public or government official
  • Providing a sub-contract to a person connected to someone involved in awarding the main contract
  • Engaging a local company owned by a member of the family of a potential customer/public or government official
    • Facilitation payments are small payments or fees requested by government officials to speed up or facilitate the performance of routine government action. Such payments are strictly prohibited.
  • If Bribery or corruption is proven, then this is grounds for summary dismissal
  1. Legal Requirements
    • Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd are committed to full compliance with the laws and regulations in each procurement location where Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd conducts business and will not knowingly operate in violation of any such law or regulation.
    • Sweet Dreams (Nelson) Ltd will not knowingly use suppliers who violate applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Customers

Sweet Dreams is committed to demonstrating its ethical and social responsibility credentials to enable customers to make informed choices about whose services they purchase.

  1. Suppliers

Sweet Dreams is committed to monitoring social standards in our supply chain, and we encourage our suppliers to operate to the same ethical standards we employ ourselves.