Gel beds, surround sound frames and much more did the business at the NEC

At the January Furniture Show, Sweet Dreams saw success across the range, most especially in our divan and bedframe collections.

In divans, we launched new gel fillings, used for the first time in mid-range beds, and these got a very positive reaction. Gel is used to keep sleepers comfortably cool, especially those who find they get over-warm in bed.

The cooling gel, introduced to both the Pocket Spring and Sleepzone® collections, comes in two kinds; Breathe gel and Qool gel. Qool gel adheres to a layer of foam and rests at the surface of the mattress fillings, just under the cover and across the full width of the bed, Breathe Gel, with an open-cell diamond structure, runs head to toe in two strips 50cm wide. The gels both allow full sinking in, so sleepers aren’t perched on top and still enjoy the benefits of the fillings beneath. Both gels are fully breathable so there’s no risk of moisture build-up. Both Qool gel and Breathe gel are exclusive to Sweet Dreams in the UK.

In bedframes, our new surround sound bed, Verve, manufactured here in Burnley, attracted a lot of attention. The glamorous surround-sound bed features two USB ports, one on either side rail for convenience for both partners; a Bluetooth port in the headboard; and speakers set in the footend. The sound quality is high and so are the comfort levels – the beds can be chosen with either a sprung-slatted or an adjustable base, perfect for leisure lounging.

Two new upholstered frames, Gloria, with boudoir style sparkly buttons, and Suranne, the epitome of understated chic, also wowed buyers.

In children’s bedroom furniture, Vibrant was an out-and-out winner, with its unusual double wardrobe and very versatile range. So versatile in fact that Vibrant extends to a living room cabinet range, complementing several others that were on display at the show, including the stand-out Desire. This range, like several others, is matched by an extendable dining table.

In upholstery, brand new designs California and Delaware did well, as did retro show-stoppers Idaho and Louisiana. Recliner suite Vermont was a talking point with its exceptionally comfortable styling.

All own manufactured products such as divans, mattresses and fabric upholstered bedframes are made to order. All products are delivered to store or home within 10 working days.